How to Add a Long Click to an AndroidX Preference

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As part of my goals for this year, I’ve been working on a rather simple Android app.

This app is largely done through the AndroidX Preferences API. This Preference API seemed to lack the ability to handle a long click.

At least it appeared that way initially.

Unfortunately, the only way I found to implement a long click was to extend the preference and override its onBindViewHolder method.

To implement a “long-clickable preference”, I extended the Preference class, included a longClickListener listener that does nothing by default, and an onLongClick method that takes an OnLongClickListener:

import android.view.View;
import androidx.preference.*;

public class LongClickablePreference extends Preference {

    private View.OnLongClickListener longClickListener = v -> true;

    public LongClickableEditTextPreference(final Context context) {

    public void onBindViewHolder(final PreferenceViewHolder holder) {

        View itemView = holder.itemView;

    public void onLongClick(final View.OnLongClickListener longClickListener) {
        this.longClickListener = longClickListener;

If you look at the methods available in the View, you’ll see that there is a setLongClickable method. This doesn’t need to be explicitly set to true - note that the JavaDoc for the setOnLongClickListener method states that “If this view is not long clickable, it becomes long clickable.”

Unfortunately, you’ll need to make a new class for each type of preference. Preferences that I was able to define that extend Preference include:

  • DialogPreference
  • PreferenceGroup
  • SeekBarPreference
  • TwoStatePreference
  • CheckBoxPreference
  • DropDownPreference
  • EditTextPreference
  • ListPreference
  • MultiSelectListPreference
  • PreferenceCategory
  • PreferenceScreen
  • SwitchPreference
  • SwitchPreferenceCompat

If you don’t want to make a new class file, you could always create an anonymous class:

Preference pref = new Preference(context) {
    public void onBindViewHolder(final PreferenceViewHolder holder) {

        View itemView = holder.itemView;
    itemView.setOnLongClickListener(l -> doTheThing());

A couple of sources from Stack Overflow:


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