October 2020 Book Reading List

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I think I did pretty good reading-wise in October.

Books I Read to My Children

Books I Read to My Son

I read a whopping thirty-four books to my son in October. That’s higher than he can count (he’s at the stage where the number that follows twenty-nine is twenty-ten).

Being October, a number of these books were Halloween books (namely Biscuit’s Pet & Play Halloween, Dora the Explorer Halloween Hoedown!, Dora’s Halloween Adventure, Five Pesky Pumpkins, and Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete). There are also these little square books that are about four inches by four inches in size (Pooh Honeybees, Pooh Tail Tale, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio , and We See Shapes).

Here are the thirty-four books I read to him:

Books I Read to My Daughter

Again I the amount of books I read to my daughter was significantly less than the number of books I read to my son. A big reason being that he’ll pop his little head over to listen whenever I’m reading to my daughter.

I read fourteen books to my daughter in October - less than half the number of books I read to my son:

The Book I Read for Me

In October I finished book one of the Cluster Series by Piers Anthony. Book one is simply called “Cluster.”

I read much of Piers Anthony’s Xanth series in elementary school (borrowed the books from a friend) as well as a few other books of his from other series. From the author’s notes in the book, the Cluster series is one of the earliest writings of Piers Anthony, so early that he retyped it in order to put it into ebook format.

Unfortunately that retyping has led to numerous typos - typos that any grammar or style checker (such as Grammarly) could easily identify and correct. That said, the book involved numerous sapient alien creatures that are completely foreign to anything that lives on Earth. That alone makes it worth reading.

Plus I borrowed the series for free via free Prime Reading. As the name suggests, you do need to have Amazon Prime to have Prime Reading.

Don’t have Amazon Prime? You can try Amazon Prime with a 30-Day free trial. There’s also Prime Discounted Monthly Offering if you qualify, as well as a Prime Student 6-month Trial if you have a .edu email address.

If you haven’t guessed what book I’m reading now, it’s the second book in the Cluster Series.

I’m also reading a textbook on local government. Yes, for fun. I made sure to buy a previous edition, so the cost was less than ten bucks. I’ll let you know next month which book it is - if I finish.

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