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Number Nerd Holidays

February 15, 2018

Number Nerd Holidays

I’ve been pretty successful selling t-shirts on Amazon these past few months. I normally only sell one, maybe two shirts per order, but one particular order caught my eye. I sold eight of these Euler’s constant t-shirts on January 15th. Cool, easy money. When February 7th rolled around, Wikipedia shared on their Facebook page that it was Euler’s Constant Day.

When Is Energy Efficiency Worth the Investment?

February 9, 2018

Should you buy LED bulbs? What about replacing an old vehicle with a more fuel-efficient vehicle? When exactly is an energy efficient upgrade worth the investment? While part of these questions has environmental and safety considerations - making the answer a definite “it depends” - the financial aspects are a little more straight-forward. Essentially the answer is “yes” if the item - LED bulbs, a car, or what have you - pays for itself in a certain time frame.

January 2018 Blog Statistics

January 20, 2018

Although I mostly blog for myself, I’m curious as to how well my blog performs. So every month on the 20th this year I want to post a simple blog status report. These reports will include statistics for the previous month: from the 20th to the 19th. For instance, this blog report covers the time period of December 20, 2017, through January 19, 2017.