Quick Life Update

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It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve posted anything. In fact, tomorrow marks two weeks since my last post. This is mostly because I’v been under the weather (idiom for being sick for my non-native English readers).

Thanksgiving festivities also took a bit of the first week of my hiatus. I’ve also been working hard on the bathroom remodel. This is the bathroom remodel I’ve been working on since February - before my son was born.

I’ve also been a little bit busier at work than usual. That’s a good thing, though.

I do plan on starting this month with my the next in my Robinhood stock pick post series and Book Reading List post series. I should have these out by the end of the week.

It’s also the last month of the year, which means I will publish my third-annual End of Year Side Income Report. I’ll also have a full year’s worth of data for my monthly Blog Statistics Reports, and I fully intend on having some interesting analysis.

I’ve got a few other posts that are in the works. These are mostly DIY posts with video (sweating copper pipes and fixing a watch are two of them). I just need to get my stuff together and post them.

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